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Ooey gooey goodness!

What are Dulces Enchilados?

The term “Dulces Enchilados” literally translates to “candy covered with chili” but it offers so much more! All Dulces Enchilados start with a base, which can be your favorite childhood candy, or just your favorite candy right now. Gummy candies, chewy candies and fruit snacks are all some of our most popular options. 

Once you choose a candy base, it gets tossed in our special Chamoy sauce. We make sure it is fully covered before moving on to the final step, which is to sprinkle it with Chilito Powder: a sweet, salty, sour and savory blend with just the right amount of spice. 

Voila! Enjoy & savor every bite!

Anatomy of a Dulce Enchilado

What is Chamoy sauce?

Chamoy is the gooey red liquid that you see on our Enchilados and many other Mexican candies! It is made from dehydrated apricot, plum or mango mixed with lime juice and mild chili powder. It is a staple condiment in Mexico that you can add to any food! Yes, you heard that right, people add chamoy to everything from fruit, smoothies, cocktails and even meats! It is a great flavor enhancer for anyone who loves sweet, salty and sour taste! Here at Rustito’s Dulces, we use our own homemade chamoy recipe as one of the main ingredients for our Dulces Enchilados!

Flavors of Enchilados

Are Dulces Enchilados spicy?

Our standard Enchilados recipe is not super spicy, it has more of a sweet/salty/sour flavor profile that will surely wake up your taste buds. However, everyone’s palate and tolerance to spice is different, so if you are sensitive to spicy foods we recommend that you take caution and taste test before fully diving in. We’ve actually heard from some customers who don’t like spicy foods that they like it a lot! 

For those who want to “kick it up a notch,” we will be offering additional spice level add-ons (coming soon) so you can tailor your Enchilados from Mild to Fire according to your preference (or how brave you are).

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